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        There are a number of Solaris exams available on our site -- covering material relevant to Sun's Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 certifications -- all specifically designed to help you achieve the Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris certification.

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        Our practice Solaris exams correspond to the information covered in Sun's 310-011 and 310-012 Solaris 8 certification exams, and the 310-014 and 310-015 Solaris 9 certification exams. Each of our exams contains the same number of questions as the corresponding Sun exams--for example, like the actual Sun Solaris exam 310-011, our 310-011 exam consists of 57 randomly selected questions. The questions for our exams are always randomly selected from our database of hundreds of questions.

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        We offer a free Solaris exam, consisting of 10 random questions from a subset (approximately 5%) of our entire database of questions. The questions on our sample Solaris certification exam apply to topics covered in both of the Sun Solaris 8 certification exams. If you are preparing for either Sun Solaris 8 certification exam (310-011 or 310-012), feel free to take our sample Solaris 8 exam as many times as you like (it will be different every time you take it)! But please note that you can get permanent access to our Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 exams, with hundreds of Solaris questions, for a one-time payment of only $7.50. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

        The Sun CSA is one of the most respected technology certifications available, and pursuing the SCSA is an outstanding career decision for any system administrator. We are confident that you will find our practice Solaris exams a valuable resource in preparing for, and passing, the Sun Solaris certification exams. We believe our Solaris exams are at least as challenging as the actual Sun Solaris certification exams--perhaps even more challenging--so if you can pass these exams, you are likely ready to take the Sun exams. And because they are generated in random order from our entire database, you are virtually guaranteed to never see the same exam twice, no matter how many times you take it!

What our users say...

        "The exams have proved to be a most useful aid in identifying my weak areas, and helping me improve them--without access I doubt I would have passed the first time despite many years of being a sysadmin."
                -- PN, United Kingdom

        "Today I passed the 011 exam...your practice exam helped a lot. Thanks..."
                -- RDW, The Netherlands

        "Passed the second exam for Certified Solaris System Administrator thanks to your simulated exams! Thanks for your work!!"
                -- EC

        "[The] exams are -very- good and actually drive you to learn more than you need to know for the real exam. That way you'll be sure to do well on the test :). [...The] questions cover the exams and even go a bit further! They contain stuff that will probably not get asked because it's more in-depth than Sun expects you to go. Which is a good thing! I learned a frigging lot from these guys!"
                -- CC

        "...the practice questions helped point out my weak areas for me. Thanks!"
                -- JM, Toronto

        "...it is a real challenge, with precise questions...great!"
                -- BK, Czechoslovakia

        "...the best Solaris 8 study resource I have seen on the web."
                -- BO, Vancouver

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